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AGM Review

The twenty-fifth Annual General Meeting of the Certified Public Accountants Association was held at Stansted Airport’s Radisson Blu hotel on the 12th of September 2014. All proposed motions at the AGM were passed. Here we provide a full breakdown of the votes with a brief description of the day’s events.

CPAA Website and Technical Help

Following a number of updates the Certified Public Accountants Association website is now in its most stable form since its re-launch. We'll continue to make improvements, but any remaining users experiencing difficulty with the new site may consider two quick solutions...

Getting social with the CPAA

The CPAA has launched accounts on a number of popular social media sites. These provide a quick way for members and prospective members to keep informed about the latest developments in accountancy and the Association.

2020 and CPAA Announce New Initiative to Support Practitioners

The Certified Public Accountants Association (CPAA) has entered into partnership with 2020 Innovation Training (2020). This partnership will allow CPAA members to gain access to the complete catalogue of 2020 webinars from 2015 and 2016 as 2020 releases them.

Seminar Feedback

For the last round of seminars the CPAA trailed the use of online feedback forms as opposed to the paper feedback forms previously used and we would like your feedback on this change.

FRS 102 - Property Issues

One of the largest changes to occur with the adoption of FRS 102 is how investment properties are treated. Minor changes are also included in FRS 102 to how property, plant and equipment are treated. It is vitally important that any accountant in practice knows how to appropriately handle property under FRS 102 and the tax implications of the new regime.

The CPAA and CPD

CPD can often seem like one of those annoying chores forced upon you by professional bodies. Though proper CPD ensures that you are completely up-to-date and can help you expand the portfolio of services you offer your clients. The CPAA offers a number of different services to help its members complete their CPD requirements and will accept a variety of other CPD providers as producing content which can count towards a member’s CPD requirements.

Sole Trader versus Limited Company

CPAA member Stephen Marlow examines the tax advantages and disadvantages of operating a business as either a sole trader or a limited company.

The evolution of marketing in accountancy

Sift Talent managing director Jayne Florence examines how marketing has evolved within accountancy and considers whether practitioners are becoming full-time accountants and part-time marketers.

Continuity - Your Obligations

A Continuity Agreement can help you, your practice and your clients. And if you are a practising member of the CPAA it might be a requirement that you have one.

Web browsers: What's best?

Whatever you’re doing on the web, you’ll be using a web browser of some sort. But which web-browser works best with CPAA services?

Autumn Statement

There were some big announcements from George Osborne in this week's Autumn Statement. Stamp duty changes and a clampdown on multinationals avoiding tax made for some headline features, but there were also some significant measures announced on tax, finances and business. Here we outline the main points for you.

Ones to watch in 2015...

As another year draws to a close, we look at what the new one holds in store for UK accountants. A vast array of changes and challenges face the profession and as the year progresses we will keep you abreast of the big issues through our newsletter, website and social media channels. Here we outline a few important areas to be aware of as 2015 beckons:

Read all about it: tax avoidance hits the headlines

You can barely read or watch the news at the moment without hearing about a tax ‘scandal.’ While for the vast majority of those in the accountancy profession there has always been a clear distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion; both are under the full glare of the media spotlight and the lines appear to be blurring in front of our eyes...

Budget 2015: Great Expectations

Just hours away from the Budget and speculation is rife. What we know for sure is that this will be a highly politicised Budget thanks to the general election being a mere few weeks away. Rumour has it that George Osborne has billions within his war chest to help sway voters, yet the man with the red briefcase claims there will be "no giveaways, no gimmicks.”

Budget 2015: A look at the key points

A pre-election Budget is a funny thing; it is a self-assured summary of all the things that government has achieved, a blatant pre-election appeal for votes, and has the potential to be a futile set of announcements should the government change shortly thereafter. And it was within this context that George Osborne delivered the 2015 Budget today.

SA 302 important information

Mortgage lenders require external evidence of earnings to support mortgage or loan applications. Until now customers with self-employed income were asked to provide a paper copy of the Tax Calculation (known as the SA302) from HMRC for this purpose.


In a little over a week the polls open for the General Election. You are likely to know how the main parties’ policies relate to you personally, but there is also much to consider from an occupational perspective – both in terms of your own profession and in terms of how your clients’ lives and livelihoods may be impacted.


The CPAA understands that our members’ are business owners, leaders and career-minded individuals who have an interest in how politics affects them. The campaign trail has seen all parties courting businesses of all sizes and sectors, and the phrase “hard working people” has been well-worn with numerous pledges made to employers and employees alike. And in just a couple of days the polls will open and the business community will weigh up those pledges and have their say in who governs.

CPAA recognised as a body permitted to act as examiners of charities

We are delighted to confirm that the HM Government last month included the CPAA on the approved list of recognised bodies permitted to act as examiners of Charities in England & Wales. This is a fantastic move for the CPAA and one which sets us apart from other non-chartered associations. It is also great news for our members who may benefit from additional credibility as well as a potential new revenue stream.


The summer seminar series from The Certified Public Accountants Association (CPAA) is about to begin – and there are still places available on this popular training programme. Seminars will run in 14 different areas across the UK throughout June and are free to attend. And for the first time, non-members are also invited to attend an ‘introductory' seminar session.

Budget Bites

CPAA members will find that the July edition of the Practising Accountant magazine includes a detailed Budget feature, making sense of Mr Osborne’s 123 page tome. Here we present a brief bitesize breakdown of the main points from 2015’s Summer Budget:

Dirty Laundering Being Aired in Public by the NCA

The National Crime Agency (NCA) makes no bones about it; an eye-watering amount of money is being illegally laundered through UK banks and finance professionals, and “the scale of the laundering of criminal proceeds... is a strategic threat to the UK’s economy and reputation.” In this feature we look at the findings of the recent NCA report, identify how the CPAA can help, and highlight some of the anti-money laundering guidance from HMRC.

Non-Practising Membership Offer

A significant number of CPAA members are employers, and the Association is keen to support them (and their employees) wherever it can.

Business Rescue & Insolvency Support for CPAA Members

Ensuring you have somewhere to turn to for advice if a client is struggling with insolvency can be vitally important. A reliable support system can help to spot an issue early, gain the right advice, and hopefully turn the client around and back to being solvent again.

Going for Growth

The Certified Public Accountants Association (CPAA) is proud to sponsor the Practice Growth of the Year category at the AccountingWEB Practice Excellence Awards next month. It is a group boasting impressive success stories. Amidst the backdrop of a tough business environment over recent years, all firms able to tell a tale of dynamic and dramatic growth are worthy of celebration.

Practice Growth: No Substitute For Experience

This week the AccountingWEB Practice Excellence Awards take place. The Certified Public Accountants Association is delighted to sponsor a particularly important category, the Practice Growth of the Year Award. Growth is an area worth recognising, because it is rarely a simple process and leads to many lessons learnt – often hard ones – along the way.

Autumn Statement 2015 Key Points

Recent Autumn Statements have often been more like mini-Budgets, but the 2015 Statement at first sight appeared not to be so...

Disguised Remuneration Arrangements

A PwC Tax investigations newsflash: Autumn Statement - One of the key announcements in the Autumn Statement was that the Government intends to "take action on disguised remuneration schemes":

A New Year with New Horizons

As we put 2015 to bed and look towards a new year, the team at the CPAA is looking to the future and what it holds for the profession. With more legislation than ever, an increasingly digital world and a gradually improving economy, the industry faces an exciting but – excuse the pun – taxing 12 months ahead.

Practice Makes Perfect for AccountingWEB

This autumn the CPAA sponsored the Practice Growth Award at AccountingWEB’s highly successful Practice Excellence Awards. Here, we look at the awards in more detail and talk to John Stokdyk, Editor-in-Chief at AccountingWEB about the programme and the insights that have been gained over the years from the array of fascinating and inspiring businesses that have taken part.

Has Excel's time come?

In Part I of our 'Has Excel's time come' feature we look at Excel's place in the evolving digital landscape and review some of the alternatives. Look out for Part II where we look at the future for Excel and invite leading experts to share their thoughts.

The future for Excel

In our recent 'Has Excel's time come' feature we looked at Excel's place in the evolving digital landscape and reviewed some of the alternatives. Here in Part II we examine the future for Excel and invite leading experts to share their thoughts.


In 2013 the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) gave the green light to FRS 102, a new financial reporting standard for the UK and Ireland. It swung into action from January 2015, replacing all existing UK GAAP, Financial Reporting Standards and UITFs as the mandatory new standard.


As covered in our previous article on the introduction of the mandatory new standard, FRS 102, there are some differences to be embraced. While there are certainly variations between the old UK/Irish GAAP and FRS 102, they are reassuringly similar in terms of scope and basic principles.


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