With the accountancy world constantly evolving it can be a challenge for practitioners to stay up-to-date with the latest news and insight on all they need to know to ensure they deliver a first-rate service to their customers. In addition to it’s CPD programme, in-person seminars and social channels, the CPAA news pages are a great way to digest relevant news content, find out more about legislative updates, review budgetary announcements and gain insight into some valuable in-depth feature articles.

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The end to austerity takes shape

30 October 2018

Delivered on a Monday afternoon instead of the traditional Wednesday, between key meetings in the Brexit negotiations and amidst turbulent times in Westminster, you could be forgiven for losing track of the 2018 Budget.

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Your time-saving Making Tax Digital software is here

26 October 2018

This article is brought to you by BTCSoftware and contains promotional material.

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The Brave New World of Open Banking

28 September 2018

Welcome to an era where everything we once knew about the handling of data has changed. In one corner we have GDPR, which gives the individual more control over the security and privacy of their data, and in the other corner we have Open Banking, which allows individuals to easily share their banking information and give others greater freedom to access their finances. This is a brave new world for data, set to impact on both practitioners and their clients.

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Deal or no deal? An Autumn update on Brexit

07 September 2018

All things Brexit have dominated the news for over a couple of years and, as we head into the final six months ahead of the UK leaving the European Union, the proposals and debates have gathered pace significantly. This summer we learned of the Chequers blueprint, as well as contingency plans for a potential no deal with the EU, and this autumn the negotiations start in earnest.

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MTD Update

17 August 2018

Engaging with the digital world Whether we like it or not, we live in a digital age. We’re much more likely to book our holidays online than to visit a travel agent, and we can find reviews and opinions of our chosen resort at the click of a mouse. As the high street banks continue to close their branches more of us turn to online banking, and we can choose when we want to watch our favourite TV programmes rather than arranging our time around broadcast times.

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Tax implications of electric vehicles

16 July 2018

The Government’s policy concerning electric vehicles appears confused and sometimes contradictory. In this article we set out the facts employers and accountants need to know.

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The new HMRC Agent Services Account

04 June 2018

This article is based on the information available at the time of writing, but the reader should be aware that HMRC’s plans for the implementation of Making Tax Digital are subject to change. HMRC has limited resources, and the changes in our taxation system as a result of Brexit means that those resources may need to be redirected.

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Businesses replacing assets – how to roll over the gain?

11 May 2018

What does it mean to roll over the gain? Rolling over the gain is a way of deferring the tax charge which arises when a business sells an asset at a gain and replaces it with another. Provided that the entire sale proceeds are used to buy the replacement, the tax arising on the first asset need not be paid until the second asset is sold. And if the sale proceeds of the second asset are again reinvested, the tax can be deferred a second time. In theory, it is possible to defer the tax continuously in this way until the business is eventually sold.

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GDPR, beyond the basics

20 April 2018

With just a handful of weeks remaining until the new era of GDPR is ushered in on Friday 25th May, most practitioners now have a GDPR strategy in place – or at least have a degree of understanding about what it will take to be compliant. As the deadline fast approaches, it is time to dig a little deeper into what working with GDPR will entail.

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The first Spring Statement – a round up and recap

19 March 2018

This year the traditional Spring Budget made way for the smaller, fewer bells and whistles, Spring Statement. It is now the Autumn main Budget that will take centre stage for the Chancellor to announce major new measures, tax and spending changes. Consequently, Philip Hammond delivered his statement earlier this month without much in the way of business or tax changes, but a few interesting announcements nonetheless.

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