Each of the Association’s branches have a number of elected officials. These officials are in part responsible for organising seminars which are held in the branch and for representing the interests of the membership in their branch to the Council and the Association’s administration.  



East Midlands Branch

Chair: G Lockton

Sec: L Berry 

Seminar Organiser: S Robinson

 Committee Members

 C Holdich

J Scotcher

G Cook

S Robinson 


North East Branch

Chair: P Brown

Sec: J Stott

Seminar Organiser: P Brown

Branch Rep: P Brown

Committee Members

S Lough

M Newton


North West Branch

Co-Chair: C Wilson 

Co-Chair: W Gradden

Sec: A Hale

Seminar Organiser: W Gradden

Branch Rep: W Gradden, C Wilson, E Green, K Hussenbux


London Branch

Chair: G Christodoulou

Sec: B Wheatley

Seminar Organiser: S Ryan

Branch Rep: F Sultan

Committee Members

T Papapavlou

M A Khan

N Garcia Narvaez

F Sultan



Hampshire Branch 

Chair: S Williams 

Sec: P Whitehouse

Seminar Organiser: S Williams

Branch Rep: J O'Leary

Committee Members

M Rudling

J O'Leary


Essex & East Anglia Branch

Chair: P Cooper 

Sec: J Smith

Seminar Organiser: P Cooper

Branch Rep: R Coult


Milton Keynes

Chair: C Makris

Sec: T Wiadrowski

Seminar Organiser: C Makris

Committee Members

N Patel


Kent Branch

Chair: D Dobson

Vice Chair: A Comley

Seminar Organiser: K O'Connor

Branch Rep: R Cooper


Sussex Branch

Chair: D J Cox

Sec: L Bray

Seminar Organiser: D Cox

Branch Rep: D Cox


South West Branch 

Chair: B Mummery

Vice Chair: M Elliott

Sec: P Hiscutt

Seminar Organiser: M Elliott

Branch Rep: B Mummery

Committee Members 

S Vincent 

S Marlow

M Elliott


West Midlands Branch 

Chair: A Williams

Sec: D Pritchard 

Seminar Organiser: A Williams

Branch Rep: A Williams

Committee Members

R Clarke

S Sohal

J Gangotra


Yorkshire Branch

Chair: J Kaye

Sec: D Ogley

Seminar Organiser: J Kaye

Committee Members

N Fletcher

J Kaye

D Ogley

V Newham


Scotland Branch

Chair: G Spence 

Sec: H Thomas

Seminar Organiser: C Lee

Branch Rep: C Lee

Committee Members

A.C Davidson

A Graham

J Mackay


Northern Ireland Branch

Chair: A Moss

Sec: W.F Lemon

Seminar Organiser: L Kee

Branch Rep: A Moss

Committee Members

C McAvinchey

D Mckendry


Wales Branch

Chair: A Khan

Sec: A Marsh

Seminar Organiser: A Khan

Branch Rep: A Marsh